SDM 2011 Work

Group 4  Akshata, Alomi, Ankur, Disha


Pitara is an integrated service provider in NID (Gandhinagar) that provides a platform for buying and selling of goods that may not be of any use to one student but address another’s need. This service also provides 100 percent disposal solution through third-party tie ups. After successfully running it the campus for some time they decided that a lot of students had a lot of extra clothes and other stuff that they were willing to give away so Pitara launched the ‘Joy of Giving’ campaign where in others could donate their extra clothes which are then given away to needy children.

Students of the campus are very thrilled with their experience of the Pitara service and our amazed by the ingenuity and vision of a very simple concept being so well executed. This can easily be scaled up and grown into a multi-institutional exchange so that students who mostly have limited money at their disposal can avail its benefits.